• About Michele Lowrance

    Michele has served 20 years as a family law attorney, eventually becoming convinced that there is no right side in a divorce. That was followed by 15 years as a divorce court judge in Chicago, Illinois.

  • About the Book

    Out of her deep well of experience, Michele Lowrance offers a compassionate overview. She brings hope and clarity to an arena most often characterized by despair and resentment.

  • Press and Media

    National and local media are buzzing about The Good Karma Divorce. Here's a sampling of what they have to say, along with links to several of Judge Lowrance's television and radio appearances.

  • Attend a Seminar

    As you listen to her it will become obvious that the philosophies Judge Lowrance shares in The Good Karma Divorce are not just things she says… they are things she does.

  • Just as the strongest metals are forged in the hottest blast furnaces, the cornerstone concepts that form Good Karma Relationships emerged from the least pleasant of environments: divorce. Nowhere do we confront strained relationships more directly than in divorce court. It's a place where former lovers attack in a way no regular enemy possibly could. Worse yet, they battle to divide possessions that are not merely material… but often human. Society plays a complicit role, because our expectation is that these battles will be raw and painful. And like a self-fulfilling prophecy, they rarely disappoint.

    Amidst this environment of destruction, a new concept was recently born. It came about because a woman named Michele Lowrance decided, "I must find a better way." She's experienced the impact of divorce both as a child and as an adult. As a result of the pain, she devoted her life to understanding and improving the process, first as an attorney and later as a judge.

    As with anything that's followed the same route for a very long time, the traditional divorce process carries tremendous momentum. It's an epic undertaking to elevate it to a higher course, but Judge Lowrance could not stand to witness the suffering. Piece by piece, she devised an amazing plan. Her solution literally required redefining the concept of divorce, because only by changing the expectation would it become possible to change the outcome.

    Decades of research and work went into writing the book that revealed these ideas to the public at large, The Good Karma Divorce. The reviews were fantastic. Readers who applied Michele's concepts to their divorce have credited the process with saving their soul. People soon recognized that the Good Karma concepts had applicability to their lives beyond divorce. After all, if a concept is powerful enough to turn a divorce battle into a mutual opportunity for growth and renewed respect, imagine the impact it could have on your daily interactions with business partners, employers, children, creditors, friends and virtually anybody else.

    This site is devoted to sharing the ideals of Good Karma Relationships with anyone and everyone who wants to participate. We hope you'll interact in the forum, learn from the articles and spread the word to others who might benefit. It's never too late to choose a better path!

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